Thursday, January 14, 2010

Judge Blocks Strong Mayor Initiative from June Ballot

In a preliminary ruling issued today, the court declared that the initiative process cannot be used to revise the Sacramento City Charter, embracing a key argument brought by former Johnson backer Bill Camp.

The Sacramento Bee has the story. Strong mayor backers will work to seek a reversal at a hearing tomorrow afternoon.

The Sacramento Press reports Johnson's reaction:

“I think it was a temporary setback,” Johnson said. “This is something we’re going to fight. We’re going to fight nail and tooth.”

Johnson noted that the early decision was “very disheartening,” and indicated that it affects voters’ rights.

“Voters deserve and have a right to vote on this initiative,” he said.

We think the following reader comments deserve highlight.  In the Bee,  Johnson critic and "Where's My High School?" advocate Susie Shields offers this:

I'm glad to see that our Mayor cannot buy this latest prize. You're gonna have to earn it like a real person, Kevin. Work hard, honestly, ethically, transparently, humbly. Pay your dues, like everyone else. Reach out to people who could teach you a thing or two instead of bullying them and steamrolling over them. Follow the rules and the law because --guess what?-- they do apply to you on occasion. Humility, mayor, humility.
 And in the Sacramento Press, youth violence prevention activist Rhonda Erwin adds,
Re: Johnson's comment " “Voters deserve and have a right to vote on this initiative,” Heck, did he even read -or was he so busy again looking at self that he missed--- The judge wrote, "“The Court recognizes the right of the people to vote on initiative measures...The Court does not lightly dismiss such, and has taken this very important right in consideration in ruling on the matter.”

For goodness sake, residents- voters- people have a right to truth, transparency, an initiative not done in the dark, LIFE, FREEDOM much more than watching him fight a loosing battle "tooth and nail" for more power.

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